Computer to Plate: Lithographic

Product Description

ECRM Mako CtP machines are violet laser imaging devices for use with violet light sensitive printing plates. The machines are configured with a postscript RIP to allow the rasterizing of bit map images quickly and efficiently and with a wash and gum unit for the printing plates post imaging. ECRM Mako systems are renowned for their reliability and low cost of ownership. The systems are available both new and second hand.


  • Minimum plate size: 385 x 385 mm (15.2” x 15.2”)
  • Maximum plate size: 635 x 927 mm (25.0” x 36.5”)
  • Resolution: 1200-3556 dpi
  • Speed: (SM74 605 x 745 mm) 20 @ 2400 dpi
  • Fully automated CTP solution
  • CT Server Pro included

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