Mitsubishi Eco 1630 CTP

Computer to Plate: Lithographic

Product Description

The Mitsubishi SDP-ECO 1630 is an environmentally friendly computer to plate system which uses a unique patented technology to image and process polyester printing plates. Unlike all other systems available, the ECO machine does not use a bath process for chemical plate development. Instead, the chemistry is applied by a patented wet roller transfer process which virtually eliminates chemistry consumption, thereby saving the user possibly thousands of €’s in chemistry costs and chemistry disposal costs over the lifetime of the machine.


  • Exceptionally simple to use CtP system
  • Possible to produce a high quality press ready plate from file in about 3 minutes
  • Up to 28 plates per hour
  • Plates sizes up to 580mm X 404mm (Option available for larger sizes)
  • Substantial improvement in print quality over conventional film to plate
  • Very low cost of ownership
  • Proven, reliable and robust construction
  • Incredibly fast “make-ready” times on the press
  • Fully automated system with on line processor for highest productivity
  • Integrates easily into your existing or proposed workflow
  • Lowest Industry cost for Annual Maintenance
  • Very Small Footprint ( W 1000mm X D 795mm X H 1070mm)

The Mitsubishi Eco 1630 is available second hand.

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