Agfa Graphics Products

Irish Print Support sells all Agfa Pre Press products including Agfa CtP digital plates, Agfa Films including the HNs HNd and HNm products and Agfa Chemistry

Agfa CtP Plates

Azura TE Plates

Best-in-class direct-on-press chemistry-free thermal plate for sheet-fed commercial applications. This plate is designed for environmentally-friendly operations, quality and ease-of-use all in one.

Azura TS Plates

Eliminate the processing variables that you worry about, and get the reliable and consistent quality that your clients deserve: with Azura TS, the chemical-free plate system.

Azura Vi Plates

Azura Vi is a violet plate designed for chemical-free processing: the perfect combination for outstanding, low-cost results

Agfa Setprint Plus Plates

Setprint Plus is a very profitable CtP polyester printing plate for high-quality, short-run printing.

Agfa Chemicals

Agfa Azura Gum

Agfa Azura Vi Gum

Agfa Azura Vi Finisher

Agfa Correction Pens

Agfa G101c Film Developer

Agfa G333 Film Fixer

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